Marcelo Aguirre

MARCELO AGUIRRE (1970, Argentina, now Berlin) A self-taught drummer and
vocalist. His solo act, SPASTIC DEMENTIA, is loud heavy metal performances
backed by concréte, cinematic tape constructions, with fast paced live
drumming and guttural vocals.

Some projects include SUS FUTUROS alongside
sax player Ulrich Krieger, PREGNANT TESTICLES with Mattin and Miguel Prado,
the ensemble PICKAXE -death metal cum country & western cum just intonation
drones- with composers Chas Smith (pedal-steel), Michael Jon Fink ( e. gtr./
bass) and Ulrich Krieger (sax). Has toured Europe twice and California with
Michael Jon Fink (e. guitar) as the duo GODS OF RAIN. Has performed and/or
worked with Z’EV, John Duncan, John Hegre, Mattin, hans w. koch, Bettina
Wenzel, Sean F. Barrett, Steffen Basho-Junghans, Mark Trayle, Daniel Varela,
José Marchi, Raymond Dijkstra, Timo van Luijk, Campbell Kneale, Joachim
Montessuis; and played in the groups ONDE (Belgium), COMPOST (France), DIE
BÄND (with Z’EV, Alexandra von Bolz’n and Fragment King). Currently on the
band EVIL SPIRIT (Doom-Death Metal), and the music and video duo ZÉ BIF with conceptual sound/video artist Jens Brand. Curatorial events at the Podewil
Contemporary Arts Center in Berlin, 2003-2004 (Sculpture Musicale; Violet
Music I & II; der negative horizont) and writing about experimental music
since ’92 for diverse magazines. Involvement on various intermedia projects
including live improv with Anna Barth’s Butoh dance performances; the cut-up
quartet VAL AFUMO alongside visual/performance artists Peter Morrens, Juha
Valkeapää and musician Andréas Fulgosi providing music to avantgarde cinema;
and the duo THE INNER METAL with Karen Scheper merging sound performance with live drawings/environments.  Festivals and institutions that have presented his work include Fylkingen (Stockholm, Sweden), Club Transmediale (Berlin, Germany), Long Arms (Moscow, Russia), Apositsia III (Saint Petersburg, Russia), CalArts (California, USA), Espozice Nové Hudby (Brno, Czech Republic), Instants Chavirés (Paris, France), NWEAMO (Berlin,
Germany), Voorkamer (Lier, Belgium), Tesla (Berlin, Germany), Künstlerhaus
Dortmund (Dortmund, Germany), t-u-b-e (Munich, Germany), a.o.